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Gastric Banding in Mexico

Gastric banding in Mexico is a very commonly performed procedure to aid in long term weight loss success. People who have co-morbdities including heart diseases, some cancers and diabetes can look to cure their obesity and co-morbidities can look into undergoing the gastric banding procedure.

Weight-loss procedures in Mexico are gaining reputation as obesity is on the rise in the country. Obese people from the US and Canada, who cannot meet the expenses of the weight loss surgeries in their own countries, have the option to to travel to Mexico to undergo inexpensive surgery.

What is Gastric Banding in Mexico?

Gastric banding is a restrictive weight loss procedure, the restricts the upper portion of a patient’s stomach. It’s performed laparoscopically, which means patients will have faster recovery times and less scarring than open surgery.

The procedure is performed when the Dr. Kelly implants an adjustable silicone band around the stomach in order to make a small pouch on the upper part of the stomach. This small pouch will be roughly an inch wide, and will limit food intake.

Cost of Gastric Banding Surgery

The average cost of gastric banding in Mexico will depending on the surgeon, the hospital and the procedure performed. Most Mexican bariatric surgeons are talented and competent, contact us today to help you find the best gastric banding surgeon in Mexico.

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