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Bariatric Surgery

About Bariatric Surgery

There is a significant increase in obesity-rates over the past decade in adults, adolescents, and especially in children. Bariatric Surgery (Greek words “baros,” meaning “weight,” and “iatrikos,” meaning “medicine”) is a proven weight loss method and has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight and transform their lives.

How it Works

Bariatric surgery is also called metabolic surgery as it can help metabolic complications associated with obesity, such as diabetes type 2, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and even cancer. Diet and exercise alone most often is not a long-term solution for Obesity and obesity-related diseases. Bariatric surgery changes the body set-point and metabolic system to allow long-term weight loss success.

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Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric weight loss surgery has been around since the 1950s and has improved amazingly. This laparoscopic surgical procedure is aimed at helping people seriously overweight, lose weight quickly and easily. Obesity is associated with comorbidities, such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and coronary artery disease.

Bariatric Surgery Procedures

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery reduces the size of the stomach by 80-85%. The remaining 15-20% stomach is significantly smaller and resembles the banana-shaped sleeve, while the rest of the stomach is completely removed.

RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery - Roux-en-Y

Roux-en-Y (RNY) Gastric Bypass Surgery reduces the size of the stomach and alows food to bypass a portion of the small intestine. Gastric Bypass is ideal for people who want a non-reversible, permanent weight loss solution.

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery - Mini Roux en Y

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery is a less invasive form of RNY by only re-connecting one portion of the small intestine. Mini Bypass creates a narrow, tube-like stomach pouch that is attached to a bypassed small intestine.

Gastric Balloon Non Surgical Weight Loss Procedures - Bariatric Surgery Abroad - Medical Tourism for Affordable Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss procedure inserted down the esophagus into the stomach. The balloon is partially filled up  with gas or saline, making the patient feels full faster and stays full longer.

Duodenal Switch Surgery Schematic

Duodenal Switch combines gastric sleeve and bypass, removing 70% of the stomach while bypassing a majority of the intestines. As the most aggressive procedure, it is only recommended for severely obese individuals

Bariatric Surgery Revision Schematic

Revision Surgery is often used to re-operate on failed weight loss procedures in order to stimulate more weight loss. Bariatric revision is popular in procedures like Gastric Banding (LAP-BAND), Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Balloon procedures.

Medical Tourism for Bariatric Surgery

Locations for Bariatric Surgery

Today, now more than ever, the price is one of the most important factors in undergoing this life-saving procedure for weight loss. Because of the high cost of bariatric surgery (for example $20,000 to $30,000 in the United States), medical tourists are seeking out different destinations to undergo surgery.

Long wait times for access to surgery (as long as 10 years) have prompted Canadians to cross the borders. Travel for health is growing rapidly and millions of people from the U.S., Canada Europe, and South Africa are traveling across borders to have bariatric surgeries.

Mexico offers one of the best options as many surgeons offer high-quality laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery for one of the lowest prices. Specifically in cities like Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Cancun. With U.S. comparable surgeon standards and equipment, patients can experience a more care-focused vacation for weight loss surgery in Mexico.

Mexico Map

Mexico may be one of the best options for affordable bariatric surgery overseas. Mexico is very easy travel for Americans and maintains favorable medical standards.

Costa Rica Medical Tourism - Procedures
Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a highly ranked destination for weight loss surgery abroad. It’s easily accessible for patients travelling around the world and has grown in healthcare.

Thailand Medical Tourism

In Thailand you can get the same quality or even better with ⅕ to ⅓ the price of the US. This is why many people turn to Thailand where they travel abroad.

India Medical Tourism

India is very famous for its alternative medicine, including bariatric procedures. For over 5,000 years, people have been traveling to India to get the benefits affordable medicine.

United States Medical Tourism
United States

United States does not have lower prices like 3rd world countries, although the U.S. has the highest quality healthcare in the world.

Canada Medical Tourism

Canada also offer top-quality weight loss surgery, although the long wait times can make it difficult to undergo treatment, waiting up to 5 to 7 years.

Traveling for bariatrics

Weight Loss Surgery Abroad

Medical Tourism has been increasing in the number of travelers and acceptance worldwide. Many countries are home to cheaper and higher quality healthcare including Mexico, China, India, and dozens more. As the world becomes unified, we’ll see more people traveling abroad to elect healthcare.

Mexico has long been an alternative for the United States and Canada, especially for people with obesity. For over 20 years, Mexico has been practicing bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery), many years before the US and Canada had the regulation to perform common surgeries like LapBand Surgery.

Today Mexico’s growth in the industry is unparalleled. Mexico’s physicians are seeing ample opportunity to expand and create unique experiences for travelers. Cities like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, once filled with pleasure-seeking tourists are now seeing surgery patients.

Bariatric Surgery - Weight Loss Surgery Medical Tourism

All Inclusive Packages:

The proliferation of obesity in the western world is expected to increase to over 40% of adults in the next two decades.

Operators are looking to expand in destinations that are desirable and not just convenient.

Guide to Medical Tourism

Things To Look For In Medical Tourism Operators

Because of the internet forums like ObesityHelpFacebook Support Groups, and others, individuals suffering with depression-inducing obesity, can relate and talk to other people on a global scale. However many fail to select a high-quality provider. Which is why we have three tips on what to look for in a Mexico Medical Tourism provider.

Mexico’s acceptance of this new trend is furthered by reputable business operators who are given honest reviews because of the relative transparency of the internet. Before you even consider a bariatric surgeon in Mexico, patients can read reviews and success stories from dozens of patients.

Medical Tourism can be a scary endeavor because the apparent lack of guidance. But individuals looking for quality operators can easily be found. When you’re looking for the right operator it’s important to consider these things:

Basic Guidelines


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