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Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana, Mexico

Mi Doctor Hospital in Tijuana, MX

Hospital Mi Doctor is a dedicated bariatric surgery hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Hospital Mi Doctor is located just a few blocks from the U.S. and Mexico border.

Hospital Mi Doctor represents the latest technological achievements in bariatrics. Hospital Mi Doctor includes an in-house radiology department, 4 state-of-the-art operating rooms, and an endoscopy suite in-house.

Specialties: Hospital Mi Doctor is dedicated to providing bariatric surgery, especially for medical tourism since 2010. Dr. Louisiana Valenzuela, Dr. Alejandro Gutierrez, Dr. Christian Rodriguez, Dr. Alejandro Lopez, and Dra. Jacqueline Osuna has performed hundreds of weight loss surgeries in Hospital Mi Doctor with fantastic results. Mi Doctor Hospital can handle any bariatric procedure, VSG, ESG, RNY Bypass, Mini Bypass, DS/BPD.

Hospital Facilities

Built-in April 2011, Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana offers everything needed to facilitate weight loss surgery.

  • Newly added ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
  • Tomas Oxygen Monitors
  • Complete laboratory
  • In-house radiology department
  • 4 state of the art operating rooms
  • Endoscopy suite in-house
  • Main floor cafeteria NSF
  • In house water purification system
  • Full electrical generator backup system for this hospital
  • Underground secure parking
  • In house pharmacy
  • Third-floor cafeteria
  • Air Conditioning
  • Local-Phone Telephone Americano
  • Free WIFI
  • Large Bathrooms
  • Elevator
  • Hi-Def TVs
  • In-House Endoscopy Suite

Hall and front desk inside Mi Doctor Hospital

Full Review of Doctor Mi Hospital

Hospital Mi Doctor in Tijuana, Mexico, the main hospital used by Mexico Bariatric Center, is an iconic location in a weight loss surgery patient’s experience. Everything is polished and working well, from the cafe on the first floor to the bathrooms located near the waiting room. Every safety procedure is well met and every patient is cared for.

“They treat you like royalty,” says a patient from Canada named Brandy. Everything went perfectly, we couldn’t have asked for better.” That was her mother, Sharon, whom she came with to Mexico. “The treatment you get here is amazing, something I never expected,” Brandy ensures. They both say they had a great time and would recommend it to anyone.

A few important sites are located on the first floor, the cafe being one of them. It is open to everyone, not just the patients who come here. They serve national and international meals for breakfast and lunch. The food served is “healthy, fresh, good-tasting, and affordable,” says the website for Mi Doctor. The only place that rivals it is maybe the kitchen on the top floor.

Across the hall from the cafe is the pharmacy. The pharmacy at Mi Doctor offers a wide assortment of general medicines, vitamins, specialty drugs, and injectable drugs,” says the website. Here, all medications have a 30% discount, and all other medicines are sold at an affordable price.

At the end of the hall on the first floor lies a doorway leading to the parking area behind the hospital. To the left of the doorway is a set of stairs and an elevator.


Cafe of Hospital Mi DoctorThe cafe at Hospital Mi Doctor offers a variety of healthy foods, all at an exceptional price. The staff here are reasonable and kind.

The hospital has a great reception area on the second floor, as shown in the picture. As captioned, various services are available in the reception area, such as a water dispenser and TVs. Beyond the hall depicted in the image are some workspaces, nothing too fancy. The second floor also houses a few ICUs. The operation rooms, however, are on the next floor up.

You are met with a small hallway when you exit the elevator on the third floor. There is a waiting area where patients are received and there are double doors leading to the patient rooms and operation rooms. The hospital houses 40+ patient rooms, with a total of 31 beds, and three fully-functional operation rooms.

Patient room in Mi Doctor Hospital

The patient rooms are elegant and well-kept, and each room can accommodate two patients. The operation rooms are placed at the end of the operation area. Next to the entrance of the operation area is a small waiting room with a few couches, a TV, and a phone that can be used to order from the cafe. This is where surgeons enter the operation area through a window, as safety procedures rule.

Cafe of Hospital Mi DoctorReception and Fourth Floor

The reception area at Hospital Mi Doctor seats many people and offers a water dispenser, multiple TVs, and a bathroom.

On the fourth floor, there is the famed kitchen along with several more patient rooms. In the center of the patient, rooms are a nurse station, to make sure patients are helped right away. The kitchen is almost like a family kitchen, with a few tables and a cooking area. The cooks make just about anything at an extremely low price. This area is only open to staff, patients, and guests, and is not as professional as the cafe, but it is a great place to hang out if the rest of the hospital didn’t provide enough.

Overall, Hospital Mi Doctor is a great hospital, and anyone visiting should be excited. I personally had a great experience there, one of the best I have had in my life. Between getting access to rooms as a special guest, hanging out with the doctors, and meeting happy patients, I can confidently say that Hospital Mi Doctor is one of the best hospitals to visit.

Address: Salvador Novo 1060 Zona Ro, 22010 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico 01 664 682 8880.

# of Operating Rooms: 4
# of Beds: 54
# Year Built: 2011
# Intensive Care Unit (ICU): 1

hospital mi doctor surgery room

hospital mi doctor surgical room








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