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Why Undergo Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

Mexico Bariatric Surgery - Why Undergo Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?Ultimately, the belief that having weight loss surgery or really any surgery in Mexico is unsafe is simply untrue. Surgery in Mexico can be just as safe in the United States. These centers must go through an International Center of Excellence in order to be reviewed and examined to be accredited for weight loss surgery. Very few facilities actually pass this strict testing in order to safely execute weight loss surgeries.

The Joint Commission International is leading medical accreditation agency that tests hospital aboard making it safe for Americans to travel to Mexico for weight loss surgery. Accreditation is required for any facilities performing each of these surgeries — gastric sleeve, gastric banding, duodenal switch, revisional surgery, gastric bypass and gastric plication.

A patient’s best success will begin with choosing quality practices that involve expertly-trained and board-certified surgeons. These types of medical professionals have the proper experience to handle complex weight loss surgeries both effectively and safely. They use the best and latest technologies to execute bariatric surgery.

Mexico also offers minimally-invasive procedures when they are medically appropriate for a patient. Many hospitals and surgeons in Mexico work directly with United States-based organization in order to create a more successful experience for patients. By working directly with their home primary care physician, a surgeon can better learn of a patient’s current health and any other important information needed to successfully execute their surgery.

When traveling to Mexico for surgery, oftentimes the overall cost includes everything needed to have a successful surgery. This can often include airfare (not always included), hotel stay for after leaving the hospital, all pre-surgery tests, post-op follow-up visits, prescription medications, vitamins, anesthesia, facility fees and the surgeon’s fee.

According to All Medical Tourism, the average cost for a gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is $5,500-$7,000 versus $21,000 in the United States. Lap band surgery costs about $7,233 in Mexico compared to $17,500.

Post-operative care programs are especially professional when travelling overseas. A professional team will work to ensure that your recovery process will be successful as well as your travel back home. Accredited facilities will track each patient’s progress at various time periods usually 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, a year and so on. This will help them to detect any problems with their system or surgical processes for other patients.

Seeking Out a Surgeon in Mexico

Many individuals who are interested in having surgery in Mexico, many don’t know where to start. First, contact a medical tourism faciliator that can help you find a professional and accredited facility. To pick a surgeon, you must consider these factors:

  • Experience: While experience is the main criteria for a surgeon, it’s also important to consider the flip-side – if a surgeon is performing many surgeries, how many surgeries are they performing per day?
    • Superior Experience is needed in case of a surgical complication or emergency. Look for surgeons who’ve undergone trauma surgery or who have extensive experience.
  • Education: Consider all education they have received, which hospitals and Universities. Are they trained in the United States or Europe?
  • Maximum Number of Surgeries per Day: Find out how many surgeries they perform per day.
  • Reviews: Read reviews from previous patients to learn how much after care and support they offer.

After a surgeon is selected, they will review your medical history and suggest the surgery they feel you will benefit most from. Your local physician will communicate with this surgeon in order to ensure your best success. They will come to a consensus in terms of the treatment method pursued.

From this point, all the logistics of surgery are determined. Typically patients are asked to remain in Mexico at least two weeks after their surgery before travelling home. All follow-up visits are generally conducted by the patient’s local physician and are included in the initial cost of surgery.

Find an Affordable Weight Loss Surgeon in Mexico

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