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Best Hospitals, Clinics, and Surgery Centers in Mexico

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Mexico is becoming a top destination favorite for weight loss surgery patients. We have reviewed the surgery centers for bariatric surgery in Mexico. This guide was created to quickly analyze surgery centers and full-service hospitals in Tijuana, Mexicali, Monterrey, Cancun, Rosarito, Puerto Vallarta, and Guadalajara.

JCI Joint Commission Accredited - Best Hospitals, Clinics, and Surgery Centers in Mexico

Joint Commission Accredited
The JCI Accreditation is the international accreditation of the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is the largest accreditor of health care organizations in the United States. The JCI is the most prestigious accreditation an international hospital can obtain.

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Mexican CSG Accreditation
The CSG Accreditation is authorized by the General Health Council of Mexico. The CSG was formed in 1999 to bring health care in line with international standards. A sample of standards includes: “Reduce Risk of Infections,” “Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.”

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Dedicated to Bariatrics
These hospitals or surgery centers are dedicated or mostly dedicated, to bariatric surgery. This concentration on weight loss surgery suggests that staff is more educated in procedures, lower risks of surgical complications, and suggests lower costs.

Medical Tourism to Mexico

This resource is best used as a quick guide to understanding the bariatric surgery centers in Mexico. The information gathered from this resource comes from information on various websites and resources including the hospital’s official site. Patients are recommended to take into account not only the bariatric surgeon but also the surgery center.

Today, the best accreditation, for medical tourism, are hospitals that garner the Joint Commission Accreditation. Another accreditation to look at is the CSG Accreditation from the General Health Council of Mexico, a department of the Mexican Ministry of Health.

Lastly, we make note of whether the hospital or surgery center is dedicated to bariatric surgery. This dedication will likely mean a better, more empathetic surgery itself.

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