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Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical Tourism in Iran - Affordable Medical Procedures in Iran

Medical tourism in Iran has been increasing dramatically due to its popularity for cheaper and more affordable surgeries such as cosmetic and weight loss.

Iran quickly rose to be one of the top ten most popular destinations for medical tourism. Iran has one of the world’s top-rated healthcare facilities and doctors. This is just the beginning, as in Iran they are increasing the construction of medical facilities and the types of services are expanding.

Affordable Healthcare in Iran

Many people in Iran have basic healthcare and even subsidized prescription drugs and vaccinations for low-income families. Most of these public health care in Iran is run by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The downside to public health care is that the wait times are often longer and hospitals are more packed.

The wealthy people, on the other hand, can afford more expensive healthcare, thus the hospitals are more privately owned, a higher standard of care, and less packed.

Common Medical Tourism Procedures in Iran

Iran is one of the biggest destinations for medical tourism out there. Local specialists, doctors, and hospitals provide surgeries ranging from cardiology to bariatric surgery.

  • Cardiology
  • Stem-Cell
  • Radiology
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Hair Transplant
  • And Many More

Benefits of Iran for Medical Tourists

Patients can expect to have many benefits seeking medical care in Iran. Iran medical tourism has all-inclusive packages that provide things such as transportation from the airport to hospital and hotel, pre/post-operation diet, and regular check-up from a doctor. Some packages also include a 4 star or higher rating hotel.

Safety Standards and Technology

Iran has one of the most top-rated hospital facilities and state of the art medical equipment. They also have high-quality patient care and follow safety standards set by the government.

Iran has 8+ hospitals that are accredited by the Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (Europe).


  • Medical Quality: According to many people Iran hospitals are similar in quality and care or even equal to those in the United States or Canada. Even medical equipment is as advanced as the United States. Iran also has a reputation for the quality of service and care they offer to patients.
  • Low and Affordable Costs: The prices in Iran are about 50% to 75% of the cost in the United States.
  • Language: In Iran, many top-rated surgeons are proficient English speakers.
  • Insurance Coverage: There are many medical tourism insurance coverages online available. They offer things such as protection from hidden costs, last-minute trip cancellations, and many more.
  • Waiting Times: Waiting times in Iran for a surgeon is never as complicated as the United States or Canada. It takes only about 2 months of checkup and background check and you are on with your surgery. In the United States or Canada, you have to undergo a really strict background check and the process may take up to a year.


  • Lack of Standardization: Iran medical tourism doesn’t really have a standard system or measurement of how good a hospital or surgeon is compared to the United States
  • Lack of Accountability: Because this is in Iran, the law isn’t the same as in America when things go wrong


Iran medical tourism offers low and affordable surgery with the same quality as the United States. The best part is that it relatively quick travel for those living in the Middle East or Asia.

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