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Medical Tourism Destinations


The most popular destination for medical tourists, Tijuana has exploded in healthcare quality and technology in the past 20 years. Individuals come from United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Europe for weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry.


Iran is a destination that has grown in demand for healthcare. Now more than ever, patients from the middle east and across the globe travel to Iran for medical tourism procedures.


Turkey is surging for travelers who seek affordable medical procedures. Hair implant, dentistry and nose job are getting traction. Select wisely form many providers in Turkey.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a highly ranked stop for medical tourism and cost-effective medical surgery. It's easily accessible for patients travelling around the world and has grown for dentistry and cosmetic surgery.



India has quickly transformed as a premier destination for medical tourism. Medical services ranging from exclusive travel packages and specializes in a variety heart surgeries.


Thailand is upon the most affordable and popular locations for medical tourists in Asia as well as around the world. Procedures ranging from bariatric surgery to plastic surgery and more.


Malaysia medical tourism has grown quickly for low-cost, high quality healthcare procedures.


Brazil is a South America medical tourism mecca for individuals living in surrounding countries. Also, patients go to Brazil for the signature Brazilian Butt Lift cosmetic procedure.

Best Medical Tourism Destinations

With the rise in healthcare cost and uninsured individuals in need of medical procedures, medical tourism is becoming a common phrase. 

Mexico Medical Tourism: Mexico may be one of the best options for affordable healthcare. The country is very easy travel with its proximity to the United States and maintains favorable medical standards.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Medical Tourism: Costa Rica is a highly ranked destination for medical tourism and cost-effective medical surgery. It’s easily accessibile for patients travelling around the world and has grown for dentistry and cosmetic surgery.


India Medical Tourism: India is very famous for its alternative medicine, be it yoga, Ayurveda or Homeopathy. For over 5,000 years, people have been traveling to India to get the benefits of alternative medicine that leave you detoxified and rejuvenated.
United States Medical Tourism

United States

United States Medical Tourism: The United States is definitely a top healthcare destination, although it is not a huge candidate for medical tourism. High prices and long wait times may be a problem.
Thailand Medical Tourism


In Thailand however, you can get the same quality or even better with ⅕ to ⅓ the price of the US. This is why many people turn to medical tourism where they travel abroad to get surgery for a cheaper price and throughout the years this has been a popular choice.

Canada Medical Tourism


Canada Medical Tourism: Canada has free healthcare for residence and a number of private healthcare specialists who are branching out to offer medical tourism procedures.

Africa and the Middle East

North America & South America



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