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Tijuana Bariatrics, LLC, also known as Tijuana Bariatric Center (TBC) is a Mexico medical operator offering excellent bariatric surgery in Tijuana through a dedicated surgical team. They claim to provide the same quality care with the same standards of excellence and safety as in the U.S. and Canada at more affordable rates.

Tijuana Bariatrics Center - Bariatric Surgery Provider in Mexico

About Tijuana Bariatrics

Tijuana Bariatrics, LLC is the company offering medical tourism in Tijuana, Mexico for the treatment of obesity. Tijuana Bariatrics employs two surgeons Dr. Fernando Garcia and Dr. David Vazquez – both bariatric surgeons. Dr. Garcia seems to have more experience,  selling his package for several hundred dollars more.

The leading surgeon at the Tijuana Bariatrics is Dr. Fernando Garcia who holds the highest standards of excellence to ensure that you receive outstanding care to transform your life and health. Dr. Garcia is specialized in bariatrics and provides safe and efficient outcomes, and each has performed thousands of bariatric and metabolic surgical treatments. Dr. Garcia is a former medical chief officer who has practiced for 20 years and is currently a professor of advanced laparoscopy at the University of Tijuana Medical.

Procedures and Pricing

Tijuana Bariatrics offers high-end bariatric services such as gastric banding surgery, gastric bypass surgery, “mini” gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric plication, duodenal switch surgery, and bariatric surgery revisions. To reduce the risk of infection, post-operative discomfort, minimal scarring, and faster recoveries, these procedures are done laparoscopically, where a small incision is made, and fiber-optic video cameras are used to guide the surgery.

Tijuana Bariatrics, LLC - Network of Surgeons

Patient Reviews and Ratings

Recent Review: “Yes it crossed my mind, that maybe they are just pushing Dr. Lopez. But telling someone the surgeon they want has had fatalities is a pretty gruesome lie. If its the truth… I’m glad they told me. If it is not the truth… I’m not sure how to find out, and obviously I would switch co-ordinators.” [Source]

Contact Information

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Phone: (800) 308-3607 | FX: (888) 308-3616
Website: https://www.tijuanabariatrics.com/
Industry: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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