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Stop Obesity – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Stop Obesity - Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Stop Obesity is a bariatric surgery center located in Tijuana, Mexico. Their surgical team is comprised of 7 people. 1 bariatric surgeon, 1 patient coordinator, 1 nutritionist, 1 physician, 1 surgical nurse, and 2 anesthesiologists. Their mission is to help obese people turn their life around and give them more of a life purpose.

About Stop Obesity

Stop Obesity is lead by Dr. Ismael Cabrera Garcia, who has completed over 4,500+ bariatric surgeries and has trained in both the US and Mexico. He is also a board-certified surgeon who only limits up to 4 surgeries a day for quality purposes.

Stop Obesity performs surgery at the facility in Tijuana known as Centro de Medico.

Procedures Offered and Pricing Information

They offer the following bariatric procedures:

Patient Reviews of Stop Obesity

“My surgery here I am so thankful for all the doctor and care I been receiving during and before and after my surgery. ummm I am going to recommend people I know to come here and very happy with everything and love the people here they really help me today been very caring towards me and I really appreciate it thank you very much.” – Tracy Bell

Contact Information

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Phone: 1 (844) 669-5352
Industry: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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