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Obesity Control Center – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Obesity Control Center - Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Obesity Control Center is a weight loss surgery operator that offers weight loss surgical options that are cutting-edge and inexpensive approaches to addressing obesity and losing weight. They streamline and supervise the full-fledged process, with individuals who are overweight and competent bariatric doctors who have aided thousands of patients to change their life through weight loss.

Obesity Control Center - Dr. Ariel Ortiz - Bariatric Surgeon

About Obesity Control Center

Obesity Control Center is one of the most famous companies offering bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Obesity Control Center has somehow performed over 25,000 surgeries, with Dr. Ariel Ortiz, a surgeon who has been on major medical outlets.

  • International Center Of Excellence
  • Joint Commission – National Quality Approval
  • Certificado – Consejo de Salubridad General (General Council Of Health Accreditation)
  • Global Healthcare Accreditation
  • ISO – Quality Management Solutions

Procedures Offered and Pricing Information

Patient Reviews of Obesity Control Center

“My health has improve so much after the surgery. I feel amazing not only physically but internally too. A lot of the health issues I had went away after taking care of this part of my health. I had a great experience going through all this process. From the smallest details like the room commodities to the whole process, the doctor, the nurses were incredible. The best decision I had made.” – Lupina Gomez

Contact Information

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Phone: 1-866-893-8005
Industry: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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