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Mexico Cosmetic Center – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Mexico Cosmetic Center - Plastic Surgery in Mexico -

About Mexico Cosmetic Center

Mexico Cosmetic Center is a top-rated provider of plastic surgery in Mexico. Although they perform all plastic and cosmetic surgery, Mexico Cosmetic Center is well-known for its specialization in post-bariatric surgery and reconstructive surgery procedures. MCC has really taken the lead in high-quality, affordable, and all-inclusive packages located in Tijuana.

Mexico Cosmetic Center is a subsidiary of Mexico Bariatric Center, a leading weight loss surgery facilitator in Tijuana, Mexico. MCC is highly trusted with amazing reviews and is highly recommended for plastic and cosmetic surgeries abroad.

Procedures Offered and Pricing Information

  • Botox Surgery in Mexico – Starting at $10 USD per Unit
  • Arm Lift Surgery in Mexico – Starting at $2,300
  • Thigh Lift Surgery in Mexico – Starting at $3,000
  • Body Lift Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico – Starting at $2,000

Contact Information

Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Phone: 916-224-9611
Industry: Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

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