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Endobariatric – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Endobariatric Bariatric Surgery Mexico Weight Loss Surgery in - Endobariatric - Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Endobariatric is a bariatric center situated in a very nice part of Piedras Negras, northeastern Coahuila (state), Mexico. They offer one of the best hospital facilities in Mexico, using very updated surgical equipment and technology. Endobariatric has one bariatric surgeon, Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, who specializes in only one weight loss procedure, the gastric sleeve surgery.

endo bariatric - Dr Alvarez

About EndoBariatric

Endobariatric is the brand name of surgeon Dr. Guillermo Alvarez, a medical tourism surgeon, founder, and owner of the company.  Endo-Foundation’s surgeon, Dr. Alvarez, is treating overweight and obese persons who need to lose weight and cure the diseases resulting from obesity. Dr. Alvarez does the gastric sleeve in 25 minutes and limits his daily operations to 3/4 for maximum patient care.

It is ironic that EndoBariatric does not perform Endo procedures, like gastric balloon or endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, as their brand name is suggesting.

Endobariatric has a strong Social Media presence, and Dr. Alvarez has a book about sleeve gastrectomy. Below is the picture of their high-end surgery center in Mexico.

Endo Bariatric Videos Highlights - Endobariatric - Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Procedures Offered and Pricing Information

With the top-quality surgical facility, Endobariatric charges one of the highest prices for sleeve surgery in all of Mexico, with packages starting at $8,499.

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico – Special pricing $8,499 USD ($7,999 cash price) through August 2020
  • Revision of Gastric Band to Gastric Sleeve – $9,500 USD
  • Gastric Band Removal – $5,500 USD

Endobariatric - Weight Loss Surgery All Inclusive Packages

** Financing doesn’t apply to discounted pricing **

  • EKG
  • Hospital + Hotel (3 nights)
  • All ground transportation
  • Pre-op blood test and X-ray
  • Disposable surgical material
    • Tri-staple™ technology titanium staples by Medtronic™ provide outstanding performance for your surgery
    • LigaSure™ blood vessel sealer and divider for optimal safety and results
    • Endo Stitch™ absorbable suture to reinforce the staple line for added security and safety
  • Anesthesiologist’s fee
  • A nurse or Surgeon assistant
  • Dr. Guillermo Alvarez performs the entire surgery
  • Lifetime Nutritional information
  • Prescription and discharge medications
  • 24 hr support
  • Direct access to Dr. Alvarez after surgery for a follow-up
  • Access to our private Facebook group for unlimited information and support
  • WiFi for your stay in the hospital and hotels
  • Free long-distance calls to the US and Canada from the hospital
  • All-Inclusive: There are no hidden fees or extra charges

Patient Reviews of Endobariatrics

Endo Bariatric Dr. Alvarez 5 Star Rating - Endobariatric - Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Endobariatric - Reviews and Ratings

Patient Review: “Deciding I needed bariatric surgery was easy, the signs were obvious and undeniable. The expense of bariatric surgery Stateside was, for me, unmanageable. I’m thankful daily that I found Dr. Alvarez and the Endobariatric team. Trust me when I say you can disregard any preconceived notions you may have about traveling to Mexico for weight loss surgery. The trip is easy and they take care of EVERYTHING for you and your companion. In all of my years, I have never seen a cleaner, better run, more organized and efficient, hospital anywhere in the USA. The price? Less than half of what US doctors are asking in my area. Best of all, you get all of this AND surgery performed by one of only 12 doctors WORLDWIDE who carry the designation of Master Surgeon in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery! Please! What more could you want? Don’t wait, do it, you WILL NOT be sorry!” – Monica Rogers

 Enobariatric Claims:

  • Over 17,800 Gastric Sleeve Procedures Performed
  • Most Reviewed Doctor with 1,500+ Reviews

Endo Bariatric Reviews and Ratings

Contact Information

Location: Eagle Pass, TX
Phone: 1-800-381-8115
Industry: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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