Body Art Surgical – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Body Art Surgical - Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Body Art Surgical is a medical facility that offers services ranging from pharmacies, cafeterias to laboratories. They are committed to offering the highest quality patient care and services for every individual. The center has well-trained and highly experienced surgeons from many departments, they are equipped to handle the most challenging and difficult medical procedures.

About Body Art Surgical

Just a few minutes from the San Ysidro border crossing and the United States, this hospital is very high-tech and savvy with its medical technologies. Body Art Surgical was built to provide effective plastic and cosmetic surgery to patients nearby as well as from across the United States. Their mission is to offer patients the best experience possible with high-quality medical procedures and low cost. Body Art Surgical always puts their patient’s safety as their first priority.

Amenities Offered and Pricing Information

Body Art Surgical facilities I and II offer amenities and features designed to make the visit easy and enjoyable. They claim to have security officers patrolling the building and a janitorial cleaning crew on duty 24/7.

  • Patient parking
  • Modern and comfortable facilities
  • Near San Diego border entrance
  • Recovery rooms
  • Four operating rooms
  • Laboratories
body art surgical 2 operating room
The new Body Art Surgical 2 Operating room

Surgeons and Specialists

In an effort to provide all-around medical tourism services, Body Art Surgical center offers plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive procedures.

One of its founders is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Irving Rodriguez Lopez. He recently started the medical clinic destination known as Body Art Surgical to work independently. The plastic surgery facility now has 4-operating rooms with top-of-the-line equipment.

Patient Testimonials Reviews of Body Art Surgical

Botched Surgery at Body Art Surgical - Bad Review

On March 4th I traveled to Tijuana to Body Art Surgical to get a mini sleeve done by Dr. Christian Rodriguez. Right away I was complaining about unusual pain and trouble breathing even inquired if maybe I developed pneumonia or fluid and the told me NO. I flew home (back to New York) on March 6th and was basically suffocating. Took myself to the emergency room and have been in ICU since then.  They damaged my esophagus during the procedure and I’ve had 2 major surgeries to repair my esophagus and install a feeding tube I am still connected to drains to drain out my chest cavity and lungs from everything that leaked from my esophagus. Make sure you do your research ladies!!! I don’t wish this on anyone. I’m really dying now and having a very hard time – not to mention I will not be able to physically eat or drink anything for the next 2 months. Please continue to keep me in your prayers.

Mini Sleeve Patient, March 23, 2022

Dr. Irving Rodriguez - Body Art Surgical Horrible Reviews

Body Art Surgical Horrible Reviews

Body Art Surgical - Reviews 5 stars new Body Art Surgical - Reviews 5 stars

News and Media

Contact Information

Location: Francisco Javier Mina 1531, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Phone: 1-916-224-9611


Industry: Plastic and Post-Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

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