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BeLiteWeight – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

BeLiteWeight - Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, Europe, and the United States

BeLiteWeight is a weight loss surgery center with facilities in Mexico, Europe, and the United States. As a provider of low-cost affordable bariatric surgery, BeLiteWeight offers top-quality obesity-treatment procedures using state of the art medical technology. They are a business that is dedicated to helping others fight obesity and change their lives for long-term healthy habits.

Welcome to BeLiteWeight - About and Patient Testimonials Reviews

About BeLiteWeight

BeLiteWeight assembled in 2004 with only one surgeon offering Lap Band Surgery in Mexico. Throughout the years, their surgeons and the surgical team have expanded with more experience, training, and overall expertise. As a provider, they have performed over 14,000 many successful surgeries and even offer a wider range of medical surgeries.

Their team of professionals offers bariatric surgery in multiple locations in the U.S., Europe, and Mexico. They have a solid team of bariatric surgeons and medical staff who dedicate their lives to guiding patients toward an obesity-free life. BeLiteWeight is made up of many employees/staff who have undergone weight loss surgery themselves, including head surgeon Dr. Jose Rodriguez.

BeLiteWeight Surgeons

BeLiteWeight Mexico Bariatric Surgeons

  • Dr. Jose Rodriguez Villarreal, Bariatric Surgeon
  • Dr. Elmo Aramburo, Bariatric Surgeon
  • Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, Surgeon
  • Dr. Wayne Westmoreland, Surgeon
  • Dr. Daniel Urbina, Surgeon
  • Dr. Rafael Vizcarra, Surgeon
  • Dr. Bernie Hanna, Surgeon
  • Dr. Silvia Latina Solis Sanchez, Anesthetist
  • Nancy Roció Fierro Chávez, Nurse

Procedures Offered

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Mini-Gastric Bypass
  • Lap-Band Surgery
  • Duodenal Switch Surgery
  • Gastric Plication Surgery
  • Revision Surgery

Patient Reviews

“Great EXPERIENCE in Juarez: First I would like to thank Jamie for answering all my phone calls, text, and emails. I was nervous about going to Mexico and having surgery done but she answered all my questions no matter how ridiculous. A matter a fact I spoke to several other companies and went to several consultations before having surgery and asked the same questions. I ended up choosing BeLiteWeight not just because of the price but Jamie was the only person I spoke to that I felt I could get a real answer from.

About the process: WOW!!! I was shocked how friendly everyone was at the hospital. I speak NO SPANISH so there was a couple times i had to use a translating app. But that was at check in and with my rooms cleaning service. All my nurses and Dr spoke English well. In the end I was most thankful I had surgery there because the hospital staff were so caring!!! Way better service then our local hospitals. When I felt any pain they actually cared and did everything they could to help me feel better. When I pushed the help button next to my bed a nurse was almost immediately in my room. My nurses were Julian, Enriquez, and Maria -fer. I wish I could go back and thank them personally for being so KIND and caring! Lastly, the Doctors including the anesthesiologist were all very kind. Before surgery I spoke to 2 Dr’s on separate occasions letting me know what to expect and answering all my questions. Then after surgery the same 2 Dr’s came by my room on separate occasions to check on me and answer more questions. All in All a GREAT experience! They exceeded ALL my expectations!!!!”
– Tammy Lariz

Contact Information

Headquarters: Irvine, California
Phone: 1-800-215-6497
Industry: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, Europe, and the United States

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