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BariatricPal MX – Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings

Bariatric Pal MX - Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

BariatricPal Mx is a weight loss surgery company founded by Alex Brecher. BariatricPal offers affordable weight loss surgery to those in need. They have an advanced state of the art medical equipment and facilities equipped to tackle obesity. They have completed over 9,000 successful bariatric surgeries and have zero fatalities.

About BariatricPal MX

BariatricPal MX was founded by Alex Brecher 16 years ago. Alex was obese himself and felt that he needed to turn his life around, thus he underwent weight-loss surgery. After his weight-loss surgery, he felt that his life purpose was to help obese people and he founded BariatricPal. Alex’s company has grown a lot throughout the 16 years, they even offer an online support group for their patients that have pre/post-op diet and patients sharing their experience with others.


Surgeons and Staffs

BariatricPal MX - Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico

At BariatricPal MX, Our surgeons are well educated and highly trained in the bariatric field, thus they have the titles “The Best Surgeons in Mexico”.

  • Dr. Jalil Illan – Recognized by many as a highly qualified surgeon due to his 5,000+ successful surgeries completion, Dr. Illan specializes mainly in the gastric sleeve and gastric banding.
  • Dr. Carlos Vila – A board-certified surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Vila specializes in a wide range of bariatric surgeries from gastric sleeve to revisional surgeries.

Procedures Offered and Pricing Information

  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico – Starting at $4,600
  • Mini Gastric Bypass in Mexico – Starting at $5,700
  • Gastric Bypass in Mexico – Starting at $6,000
  • Revisional Surgery in Mexico – Starting at $5,400
  • Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexico – Starting at $7,000
  • Tummy Tuck in Mexico – Ranges from $2,500 – $4,500
  • Arm Lift in Mexico – Starting at $3,000
  • Thigh Lift in Mexico – Starting at $4,000
  • Breast Lift in Mexico – Starting at $4,000
  • Butt Lift in Mexico – Starting at $4,500
  • Neck Lift in Mexico – Starting at $2,000
  • Liposuction in Mexico – Starting at $2,800

Patient Reviews of BariatricPal MX

BariatricPal MX - BeforeBariatricPal MX - After


“I had VSG surgery in 2018. And I’m so happy I choose bariatricpalmx. I am shocked by the negative reviews. But do find most are about refunds not actual service rendered. The facility in top notch. The employees are very considerate. And I would recommend them. If you can’t loose weight after surgery chances are it’s you not eating right! Because it’s not a miracle process. You get what you put into it. Dr. Ilan has been quick to answer any questions or concern I have ever asked him. And Bill and Stacy do their best to help you anyway they can. I only hope the company as a whole can fix their refund policy so the negative posts end. I’d hate anyone to be discouraged from going there.” – Luann B.


Contact Information

Location: Santa Isabel 219, Tijuana, Baja California 22415
Phone: 619-900-7808
Industry: Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

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