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Weight Loss Surgery in Nuevo Laredo

Weight loss surgery can be extremely expensive. Especially in the United States, where quality and expertise is, but what if I told you that you can get the same surgery for a fraction of the cost. Weight loss surgery in Nuevo Laredo is prime location Texas natives and can save more than 60%.

Just a stone’s throw from the Texas-Mexico border, known as Laredo Border, surgeons have set up an extremely efficient process for individuals to travel to Nuevo Laredo for weight loss surgery.

Many bariatric providers and surgeons will even pick up Texas patients right at the border crossing, to make it easy and safer for patients. It is advised never to travel alone to a foreign country. Choose a highly recommended surgeon and do your own extensive research. There are qualified providers that pick you up and drop you off, and take care of everything in between to reduce risks as much as possible.

Bariatric Surgeons in Nuevo Laredo

The weight loss surgery in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is considered one of the best compared to the United States or Canada. This is because the quality of the surgery is performed very well, similar to the US standards, but on top of that, it is 60-70% cheaper than the United States costs. The United States isn’t the only one that has the most up to date medical technologies, in fact, the state of Mexico also keeps up to date with its medical technologies as well, thus it is what makes the quality of surgeries in Mexico comparable to the United States.

The bariatric surgeons here have an outstanding resume and record, they have helped changed and turned thousands of lives around. The hospitals and clinics here are usually led by a bariatric surgeon lead and a team of nurses, patient coordinators, and medical staff.

Dr. Jesus Arturo Armenta Jasso

Dr. Jasso performs bariatric surgery, mainly gastric sleeve. He can speak both English and Spanish fluently. His services flight arrangements, insurance coverage, and ground transportation.

Dr. Galileo Villareal

Dr. Villareal has over 10+ years of experience in the advanced laparoscopic field in treating diabetes and obesity. He graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León in Monterrey, Mexico at the top of his class. So far he has performed over 2,000+ bariatric procedures.

Dr. Eduado Gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez is different than other surgeons in Laredo because he is one of the few to be certified by the Mexican Board of General Surgery. To obtain this certification, he had to undergo many examinations and his work and publications had to be recognized by some of the best surgeons in Mexico. His primary focus is on minimally invasive bariatric procedures.

Facilities and Hospitals

Hospital de Especialidades is the main hospital in Laredo and is known for its advanced medical technology for 10+ years. This hospital’s main surgeon lead is Dr. Edurardo Gonzalez who is board-certified and specializes in a wide range of bariatric surgeries.

Traveling to Nuevo Laredo

Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Nuevo Laredo lies directly across the border from Laredo, TX. The Rio Grande demarcates the border, with four bridges for rail and car traffic spanning the river. Traveling to Nuevo Laredo from Texas is very easy as two international airports and a major interstate highway in the US serve the area.

Once you enter Laredo, Texas, you can cross over to the Mexican border and into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico at one of the three international bridges (Bridge 1, 2, and 4) that are open to vehicular traffic (bridge 3 is only open to trucks).

Bridge 1 is the shortest and direct route to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. You can access it from downtown Laredo, Texas and it will directly connect you to downtown Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Anyway, you can also use the other two bridges if you want. You will be charged $3 to cross over into Mexico, irrespective of the bridge you use.

Traveling by Air to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico from Texas

Laredo in Texas as well as Nuevo Laredo in Mexico has international airports. Dallas and Houston have regular nonstop flights to Laredo International Airport (LRD). San Antonio, Austin, and Corpus Christi have 1 stop flights to Laredo International Airport. Cabs are available between the Laredo airport and Nuevo Laredo if required.

Traveling by Bus to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico from Texas

Greyhound Network offers regular bus travel to Nuevo Laredo, in addition to numerous Mexican bus services. If you plan to travel by bus, you should check with the bus terminal in your city for the latest schedule and pricing information. Bookings for Greyhound can be done online.

For your return to Texas, if you have a car, it is a judicious idea to check out the bridge cams for traffic and choose the best option before you set out.

How to Pay for Bariatric Surgery in Nuevo Laredo

If anyone you know is obese and wants to turn their life around, the weight loss surgery in Nuevo Laredo may be the best option for you because it is in close proximity to the United States and at an affordable low cost. Also, remember to do your research carefully, and explore other possibilities.

Please also note that if you have any questions regarding medical tourism or doubts about it, don’t hesitate to call.

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