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Natural Recovery Anti Aging Treatment

In Anti-Aging treatment for natural recovery, we use cellular medicine. Cellular medicine is natural growth factors for improvement in central amino acids, so you produce natural hormones, secreting pituitary glands and thyroids.

The most popular anti aging treatment is the pure recovery, where we use the same blood from the patient and inject it to increase natural collagen production, elasticity and pure skin recovery in plastic surgery.

Anti Aging Treatment in Cancun

Cancun offers Anti Aging Treatment:

  • Hormone Restoration – Hormone Re-Balance for men and women with Natural Supplements
  • Revitalizing Treatment

Hormone Recovery with Natural Supplements

For regular consultation, we take your blood test and determine what treatment you need. At the hormonal level, we look at things like thyroid. If you have diseases like chronic fatigue or high cholesterol we prescribe medication you can get from drugstores – natural supplements with essential amino acids and minerals to produces natural cells like new cells in the bones for natural hormone recovery.

Cancer Treatment

Our nutritionist has experience with cancer patients. After radiotherapy and chemotherpy cancer recovery, the toxin level in the blood goes up. We can treat you for hair loss or skin color and elasticity change with natural supplement.

What if the Blood is Infected?

If the blood is infected with disease like HIV or hepatitis, it’s still ok since we use platelet on patient’s own blood. If the patient take a lot aspirins and omega acids, we need to take it out of the blood a week before we use platelet.

Women Hormonal Re-Balance

The most popular treatment for women with menopause is hormonal re-balance. We check the testosterone and progesterone. Testosterone is low in menopause and we need to give a little Testosterone to them to maintain the skin elasticity and stop weight gain. We use Oxycontin which is natural and has no side effects – it can be sprayed in the mouth or injected. Oxytocin is the principle hormones in women for sensitivity and love. Oxytocin improves women’s sexual activity.

Anti Aging Treatment for Weight Loss

Anti-aging can help metabolism and weight loss. We balance thyroid for gland hormones to burn more fat.

Men Hormonal Rebalance

We do the hormonal rebalance testosterone in men. Testosterone is the principal element for feeling strong in men. It also contributes to heart attack and brain stroke.

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