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Sanoviv Hospital in Rosarito, Mexico

Sanoviv Hospital in Rosarito, MX

Sanoviv Hospital is a dedicated surgery center in Rosarito, Mexico.

Specialties: CCSVI, Rejuvenation, Neuro Repair, Lighten up, Integrative Physical, Holistic Oncotherapy, Medical, CPD (Comprehensive Diagnostic Program), Cardio Health, Surgeries: Oncological, Laparoscopic, Lap-Band, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Hernias, Ulcers, Colectomy, Appendicitis, Rectal Prolapse, Polyps, Rectal and Colon, Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle Replacement, Biopsies, Cholelithiasis (gallstones), Choledocholithiasis (gallstones in the bile ducts), Removal of benign or malignant tumors of the thyroid, parathyroid, larynx, Removal of benign tumors of the pancreas, removal of benign tumors of the liver, Dental.

Hospital Facilities: All organic food and clothing, each room is an oceanfront suite with a large balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean, TV, Computes in the room with internet access, non-chlorine pools (1 lap pool), track.

Other Information: May not leave the hospital during the stay so you can focus better on your treatment. The TV has selected channels so you are not distracted from your treatment.

Address: KM 39, Carre Tijuana-Ensenada, 22710

# of Op Rooms: N/A
# of Beds: N/A
# Year Built: 1999
# ICU: N/A

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