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Blue Medical Tower is a medical facility that offers services ranging from pharmacies, cafeterias to laboratories. They are committed to offering the highest quality patient care and services for every individual. The center has well-trained and highly experienced surgeons from many departments, they are equipped to handle the most challenging and difficult medical procedures.

About Blue Medical Tower

Just 2 minutes from Garita de San Ysidro and the United States, this hospital is very high tech and always up-to-date with its medical technologies. On average they have about 70,000 people signing up for their facilities. Their mission is to offer patients the best experience possible with high-quality medical procedures and low cost. Blue Medical Tower always puts their patient’s safety as their number #1 priority.

Amenities Offered and Pricing Information

Blue Medical Towner offers amenities and features designed to make the visit easy and enjoyable. They claim to have security officers patrolling the building and a janitorial cleaning crew on duty 24/7.

  • Valet and secure parking
  • The most modern and comfortable facilities
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafeteria
  • Laboratories

Surgeons and Specialists

In an effort to provide all-around medical tourism services, Blue Medical center offers bariatric weight loss surgery and plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive procedures.

It’s cofounders, bariatric surgeon Dr. Francisco Gonzalez and plastic surgeon Dr. Manuel Gutierrez recently started the medical destination known as Blue Medical Tower to work independently. Together they work under the company known as Cosmetic and Bariatric Surgery Center.

Patient Reviews of Blue Medical Tower

“First-rate facilities. Guaranteed comfort with personalized, warm and professional attention. The best choice.” – Emilio Meza

Contact Information

Location: Rio Tijuana, Mexico

Phone: 1-664-804-3127


Industry: Plastic and Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

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