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Dr. Roberto Rumbaut, MD – Bariatric Surgeon in Monterrey, Mexico

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut, Bariatric Surgeon in Monterrey, Mexico

Dr. Roberto RumbautDr. Roberto Rumbaut is a Monterrey, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon that has been performing weight-loss surgeries since 1994. He was one of the first surgeons to practice the Lap-Band system in Mexico but also performs a variety of other bariatric surgeries including the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and REALIZE band.

He is known for his kind heart and patience not just as a surgeon, but a teacher. He mentors 150 students in America and Latin America on his gastric banding technique.

Education and Training

Dr. Rumbaut is also considered a revolutioner in the bariatric industry. In 1993, he improved the adjustable gastric banding procedure by further developing it every year and giving a contribution to the bariatric field. He is considered as the first Mexican doctor to train American doctors with gastric banding.

  • Graduated with Honors from the School of Medicine Ignacio A. Santos, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico in 1988
  • First Mexican doctor to train American doctors in Gastric Banding(Lap-Band)
  • 1988-1993 General Surgery Residency at the Hospital San José. ITESM Monterrey, Mexico.
  • 1993 Chief Resident in the HSJ-ITESM
  • 1993 Chief Resident in the HSJ-ITESM
  • 1993 Board Certification General Surgery
  • June 1994 ventures into laparoscopic bariatric surgery

Certifications and Memberships

  • President of the Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery 2003-2004
  • International Federation of Surgery for Obesity
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery since 1994

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut Reviews

“Great Doctor, Great Hospital, Great Nurses… my incision sites are loads smaller than some of my associates who had their surgery done in the states. I have had no complications at all. I began my pre-op diet at 255 and was a size 24/26 and now I currently weigh 128 and am a size 4. I lost over 100 lbs in the first year alone.” – Reviewer from ObesityHelp

“Dr. Rumbaut’s office is very simple yet clean and the staff appeared to be very efficient. They emphasize aftercare and I believe they have doctors all over that they deal with. I am lucky to live close enough to travel back to Monterrey for my follow ups. The pre-op testing was thorough and plenty of opportunity was given for questions. I understood the risks just from research, but everything was covered anyway. I would rate Dr. Rumbaut an absolute 10. Extra points for sense of humor. In my opinion, his surgical competence, bedside manner and overall care measured up to everything I had read about him.” – Reviewer from ObesityHelp

“I would recommend Dr. Rumbaut to anyone and know that I would not have to worry about what would happen to them. His staff also are very polite and well informed and so willing to help. I can not say enough about the whole experience. You could never get that kind of treatment in the States, if I could I might (might) not mind the prices here.” – Reviewer from ObesityHelp

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12 thoughts on “Dr. Roberto Rumbaut, MD – Bariatric Surgeon in Monterrey, Mexico

  1. As a former patient, I am in need of a Lap-Band to Sleeve Revision, as my lap- band is no longer effective. It is getting serious and I am beginning to worry about my health. Please help.

  2. I flew down to Monterey in 2003 and received a lapband from Dr. Rumbaut. I think I now need it removed. It has shifted position. I need advice. I live in Alaska so am not close.

    I would like to talk to Dr. Rumbaut.

  3. I believe Dr Rumbaut did my surgury back in 2006 im looking to have a revision done is this something he dose?

  4. Hello, Dr Rumbault. He did my bariatric surgery in 2006. I have to say I was very blessed to have him. Everything went exceptionally well.
    I have heard of some pretty messed up surgeries after I had mine. I was to praise you for such great care.

    I lost a total of 110 lbs. As I mentioned my surgery was 2006. In the vast 5 years I keep going up and down losing and gaining 30/40 lbs. I have gone through the change since my surgery and dealing with this constantly is very difficult. Especially now I am 60 and much harder to take of 2 lbs as to 35. UGH! I am just wondering what if any suggestions you may have. Yes, I exercise. I have been hearing of some of the diabetic shots that help with the insulin consumed in our bodies. Is that anything you do or how is the best way to help me lose this and keep it OFF..
    Again thank you for a great job and help from the staff that took care of me.

    Connie Smith

  5. I am a past patient (1999?) had lap band surgery.
    I am now looking at having my lap band removed and hoping for a price quote.
    Thank you

  6. Hello,
    I am needing to have an adjustment or revision to the lap band surgery I had on 11-22-2007. Can I get information on current services offered for revision or removal of lap band?

  7. Dr. Rumbaut , you placed a gastric lapband on my wife 20 years ago. Ten years later because of complications you gave her a gastric bypass. My wife’s name is Angela Clausen, from Tacoma Washington. She has been slowly starving from malabsorption syndrome. She now weighs 101 .lbs. . I have tried to get a consultation with a Bariatric surgeon here but our insurance does not cover out of country surgeries complications. Your advice is welcome. Rick🙏

  8. I was a patient in 2006 and lost a total of 240 lbs
    I was 350 lbs and am 110 lbs and lost all my weight in just over 1 year and have kept my weight of 110 lbs for 16 plus years
    He was so kind and gentle as were his staff
    and couldn’t say enough about him except THANK YOU for saving my life
    I am from British Columbia Canada

  9. Hi. I am
    Tracy Kalama I had lap band surgery in montreal mexico in 2004.or doctor here in Hawaii said the tube leading to the band out of the port has popped. i had to deflate the band because i had a baby i was pregnant. now i want to fill it up. the doctor said he needs to know what BRAND the band is. can you please tell me
    the make and model
    number. my sister charlene butchart also has her band done 2006 or 2004

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