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Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela, MD – Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Rene Armenta Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana - Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela, MD - Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela, MD Dr. Rene Armentais a Board Certified General Surgeon specializing in bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. Top academic and professional credentials have earned Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela the privilege to operate at both full-service and Mexico Certified Hospitals with CSG Accreditation.

He is not just board-certified but has many years of experience in bariatric procedures. He has more than eight years of experience in this field and completed thousands of successful surgeries. Dr. Rene Armenta has a medical degree from the Centro Estudios Universitario Xochicalco.


  • Certification: Board Certified General Surgeon
  • CURP: AEVR841123HSLRLN08
  • Medical License #: 6310637
  • Surgeon License #: 9466177
  • Board-Certified General Surgery: A150021
  • Medical School: Graduated with a degree in medicine from the University of Xochicalco
  • Specialization: Bariatric, general and laparoscopic surgery
  • Current Residency: Tijuana, Mexico
  • Language: Spanish & English

Education and Training

  • Medicine School at Centro Estudios Universitario Xochicalco
  • Internship at Hospital General Estado de Sonora (2007)
  • Social Service is done at Ejido Sanson Flores, Mexicali Baja California (2008-2019)
  • General Surgery Residency at Hospital General Regional #1, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. (2010-2014)
  • Mexican Red Cross Tijuana as a Chief Surgeon (2014 – Current)
  • IMSS Regional Hospital #20, Tijuana, Baja California (2015- 2017)
  • General Surgeon at Rosarito General Hospital
  • General Surgeon at IMSS Regional Hospital, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

Dr. Rene Armenta with his medical team

Professional Experience

  • Stapling Abilities HGR #20, Tijuana Baja California (August 2010)
  • 2011 State Congress “Updates on General Surgery” (May 26-28 2011)
  • College Board of General Surgeons
  • Laparoscopic Abilities, HGR #20, Tijuana Baja California (Jan 8 2011)
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Course HGR #20, Tijuana Baja California (August 2011)
  • 1er Course MGB/OAGB Mexican College for the Obese and Metabolic Diseases (December 1-3 2016)
  • XIX International Congress of Metabolic Diseases and Obese Surgery (June 29 – July 1st 2017)
  • XX International Congress of Metabolic Diseases and Obese Surgery (July 03 – July 07 2018)
  • Advance Endoscopic “AMCE” (July 19 – July 21 2018)
  • Courses and Congresses (September 27 – September 29 2018), do. Regional Reunion “AMCE”

Certification and Memberships

Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela has set himself apart from most surgeons in Tijuana by taken an extra step and became Certified by the Mexican Board of General Surgery (CMCG).

  • Mexican College for the Obese and Metabolic Diseases
  • XX International Congress of Metabolic Diseases and Obese Surgery

The Mexican Board of General Surgery has granted the academic distinction of “Board Certified General Surgeon” and is the only academic certifying organization in Mexico that regulates, standardizes, and certifies physicians in general surgery practice. The Board has national and international recognition for the quality of the certification process, performance and credibility of its staff and board members. All Bariatric Surgeons must be certified to practice Bariatric Surgery in Mexico.

Dr. Rene Armenta performing endoscopic surgery


Surgeries Performed and Pricing

Through hard work and commitment, he has attained a high degree of professional achievement throughout his medical career. Dr. Rene Armenta Valenzuela is a highly focused, accomplished, and skilled surgeon truly dedicated to your long-term weight loss success. Dr. Rene Armenta works with provider Renew Bariatrics and can perform the following surgery:

Dr. Rene Armenta Reviews, Ratings

“As a doctor i was skeptical at first, but from my very first contact with Dr. Armenta all the way through each visit, my skepticism was completely abolished. Every nurse, doctor or staff member made me feel at ease with their knowledge and caring. I could not have chosen a better facility to help me in my journey to a new and healthier me. Thank you Dr. Armenta for setting me free!!! I would recommend you guys to anyone who is thinking about gastric sleeve. I was eduactated on my needs and what i need to do to get better.” – Sabrina O.

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