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Dr. Omar Fonseca, MD – Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Omar Fonseca - Bariatric Surgeon in Mexicali, Mexico

Dr. Omar FonsecaDr. Omar Fonseca is a Mexicali, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon that performs bariatric surgery in Mexicali, Mexico. Dr. Fonseca graduated in 2000 with a medical degree.


  • Specialization in General Surgery: General Surgery Fellowship. Hospital Regional Dr. Valentín Gómez Farías. U de G.
  • Diplomate in Basic and Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Centro Médico Nacional de Occidente. Guadalajara Jalisco.
  • Training on metabolic and obesity surgery at the Center of Excellence for the Study and Treatment of the Metabolic Disorder (Entrenamiento en Cirugía Metabólica y de Obesidad en el Centro de Excelencia para el Estudio y Tratamiento de la Obesidad y el trastorno Metabólico), Valladolid España
  • Member of the IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity) and bailed by the European Council of Bariatric Surgery.
  • Avalado y perteneciente a IFSO (Federación Internacional de Cirugía de Obesidad) y avalado por el Consejo Europeo de Cirugía Bariatrica.

Surgical Experience

  • General Practitioner graduated from UABC, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California.
  • Specialized on general Surgery. U de G. Hospital Regional ISSSTE. Zapopan Jalisco.
  • Staff Physician for General Surgery Hospital 5 de Diciembre, ISSSTE, Mexicali BC.
  • Chief of the Obesity Clinic ISSSTE, Mexicali BC. (Clínica de Obesidad del ISSSTE)
  • Authorization as General Practitioner CEDULA PROFESIONAL DE MEDICINA GENERAL: 5050518
  • Authorization as Specialist CEDULA PROFESIONAL DE MEDICO ESPECIALISTA: 2959245

Teachings and Certification

  • Laudatory note given by ISSSTE, for practicing Transparency, Integrity and Honesty values, October 2, 2009. Mexicali BC. Nota Laudatoria otorgada por el ISSSTE por ejercer Valores de Transparencia, Integridad y Honradez. 02 de Octubre 2009. Mexicali BC.
  • VI Biennial Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery Symposium. Miami Beach, Florida, Julio 2009.
  • XXXIII Intenational Congress of General Surgery, November 2009. Acapulco Gerrero. XXXIII Congreso Internacional de Cirugía General, Noviembre 2009. Acapulco Guerrero.
  • Professor on the first practical course of Inguinal Hernia in the topic Modified Gillbert´s technique, May 2006. Guadalajara Jalisco. Profesor del primer curso taller de hernia inguinal con el tema técnica modificada de Gillbert. Mayo 2006. Guadalajara Jalisco.
  • Practical Course of Surgical stapling in Gastrointestinal Surgery, February 2005. Guadalajara Jalisco. Curso taller de Engrapado Quirúrgico en Cirugía Gastrointestinal febrero 2005. Guadalajara Jalisco.

Surgeries Performed and Pricing

Dr. Omar Fonseca performs the following procedures:

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