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Dr. Miguel Montalvo, MD – Bariatric Surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico

Dr. Miguel Montalvo Performing Bariatric Surgery Mexico

Dr. Miguel Montalvalo A Lighter Me Best Bariatric Surgeon in MexicoDr. Miguel Montalvo is a bariatric surgeon who is experienced in all weight loss surgery procedures in Tijuana, Mexico. He has a solid educational and academic performance with over 1200 successful gastric sleeve surgeries to date.

Dr. Montalvo was one of the doctors working exclusively with A Lighter Me, one of the oldest medical tourism facilitators in Mexico bariatrics. However, ALighterMe went out of business in 2019 leaving one of their top surgeons with no surgery.

Miguel Montalvo, M.D. was recruited by the number one medical travel operator, Mexico Bariatric Center® in 2020. Dr. Montalvo has shown his professionalism and proficiency to the tourists crossing the border to Tijuana for reliable and affordable weight loss surgery procedures.


Name: Miguel Angel Montalvo Lucero.

Current Residence: Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.

Professional Qualifications

Dr Miguel Montalvo - Mexico Bariatric SurgeonDegree in Medicine (2000-2005): Faculty of Medicine of the Baja California State University


  • General Surgery Specialty: 2009-2013 North East National Medical Center of High Specialty, Mexican Social Security Institute. Monterrey Nuevo Leon.


Dr. Miguel Montalvo participated in the following events.

  • Lap Band training course 2009
  • XXXVI International Congress of General Surgeons 2012
  • Forum State Discussions Competitor at Monterrey Mexico “The Repercussions of Bariatric Surgery on Metabolic Syndrome”  – Feb 2013
  • Surgery Assistant of Dr. Elias Ortiz on many bariatric procedures since – 2014
  • Bariatric Surgery Upgrade Course by the Mexican Association of General Surgeons – Oct 2015
  • XXXIX International Congress of General Surgeon – Nov 2016
  • MGB/OABG by the Mexican Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery – Dec 2016

Certifications and Memberships

Dr. Miguel Montalvo

Dr. Miguel Montalvo has memberships of the following associations.

  • Surgery Professor at Xochicalco University
  • Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery
  • A surgeon at Tijuana Social Security Mexican Institute
  • Resident Coordinator of General Surgery 2012-2013
  • Active Member of the General Surgery Mexican Association
  • Active Member of the Tijuana General Surgeons College
  • Active Member of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders since 2016
  • Active Member of the Mexican Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (MSMBS) since 2016

Surgeries Performed and Pricing

Dr. Miguel Montalvo offers quality bariatric services with one of the most attractive pricing :

Dr. Montalvo Reviews & Ratings

Dr. Montalvo with Two Female Bariatric Patients

“No issues with surgery at all. The facilities are very clean. They were doing construction when I was there. On the floor I was on. They were building a new surgery suite. I think you should get your records including your OP report in your pocket when you leave. They used additional meds on me (I had to pay an additional $39 but in no way complaining…if I needed it then I needed it) but was not aware of this until after discharge when at the hotel and flying out the next morning.” – Michelle L.

“I had a very good experience with Mexico Bariatric Center. The process they have for taking care of patients from the time they land at the airport in San Diego to several days later when they brought us back was very efficient and easy. The hotel was very comfortable and the hospital liaison stationed at the hotel, Jesus, was the sweetest, most accommodating man who was very happy to be involved in patients’ getting healthy. My patient coordinator, Tabatha was so helpful and available. And, being able to follow-up with a nutritionist is invaluable. For people who are accustomed to staying in updated American hospitals, the hospital in Mexico feels more like a college dorm room. It’s not swanky, but it’s perfectly adequate for what you are there for. The staff is kind, even though interaction with the surgery staff is minimal. I speak Spanish, which was helpful with some nursing staff. The only complaint I had the entire time I was there is that the hospital room did not have a call button (that I was aware of) – oh, I went alone even though you can bring someone with you. There was one time where I needed some help and could only call out loud enough for the person across the hall to help me. This mother of another patient was very sweet and helpful – those who are thinking of going alone shouldn’t hesitate. There will be people there to help you. I am 3 months out from surgery and I would do this again and would recommend Mexico Bariatric to anyone interested. My surgery went well and I am very happy with my recovery process.” – Reema R.

“I had the sleeve on March 15, 2017. I’ve lost 90 lbs at this time. My surgery experience was out of this world. The care by the doctors and nurses was absolutely amazing. I’m a nurse in the US and our bedside manner is not as good as in Mexico.” – Catina Cobbins

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  1. Hi my husband and daughter are both interested in the sleeve surgery. Please get back to me so we can discuss it.

    Thank you,
    Leah Brody

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