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How to Find a Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Today, medical tourism in Mexico is driving thousands of individuals across the border to uncover affordable bariatric services and find a bariatric surgeon. But with many doctors and new medical tourism operators offering weight loss surgery in Mexico, it’s tough to choose the appropriate surgeon and hospital. Mexican doctors are younger since they getting their training right after school and not after their bachelor degree. Board-certified surgeons in Mexico have to go through the same stringent standards as their U.S. counterparts. Mexican physicians are more flexible in accepting new techniques and are willing to work harder. They are also much more caring with a human touch!

What to Look For When You Find a Bariatric Surgeon

When picking a surgeon, you need to look at and verify surgeon’s skills, experience doing bariatrics, credentials & certifications, number of surgeries per day, success rate, reputation, reviews, and testimonials. Also learn about their team, the assistant, the anesthesiologist, the internist, and supporting staff handling after surgery care to minimize risks and complications. It is also important to find out whether the surgeon is using brand-name, high-quality material, and instrumentation. Often helps to talk to bariatric surgeons and communicate with them prior to surgery to feel at ease. Check out the facility, the surgeon is performing surgeries to make sure they are well-equipped, with ICU and can handle any complications. Find a bariatric surgeon that is willing to communicate with you and your local Primary Care Physician (PCP)  post-operatively. This is crucial if in case of complications arises once you are out of Mexico in your hometown.

So, how does one effectively identify safe bariatric surgery in Mexico?

This information is elaborated through a few subtopics, which are addressed in sequential order throughout the entirety of the article. The first subtopic is composed of a list of the principles required to maintain a safe hospital, followed by an explanation of why they are different from other bariatric surgery centers in Mexico. The article ends with a paragraph describing important information regarding the company.

Included in their list of criteria used to “rate” a bariatric surgery company:

  • Corporations based in the U.S.
  • Companies accredited with experience and certification
  • Companies which conduct operations in specialized bariatric hospitals
  • Companies performing surgeries in high-volume hospitals
  • Companies which maintain a cap on surgeon volume
  • Companies passionate in actively offering aftercare support
  • Companies who specialize in transparency towards patients
  • Companies which maintain high standards of patient care
  • Companies with ownership of hospitals operating in high-volume, low-cost areas
  • Companies involved in the distribution of knowledge on patient health

These criteria are of importance when considering the many options currently available for weight loss surgery because they have consistently produced superior patient outcomes. Data collected on these patient outcomes has repeatedly shown the difference between quality operations and the unqualified.

Although bariatric surgeons can work independently, consider the advantage of undergoing bariatric surgery with a medical tourism facilitator as they are much more prone to recommending a high performing bariatric surgeon.

Find a Medical Tourism Company

This is followed by a list of key points which set them apart from the other medical tourism companies:

  • Passionate about patient outcomes
  • A dedicated liaison and a registered dietitian on staff
  • Certification from the BBB and the Medical Tourism Association
  • Focused on transparency towards patients

Bariatric Surgery Credentialing Organizations and What They Mean to You

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