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Lap-Band Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Banding Surgery is the largest type of bariatric surgeries performed today. With over 500,000 surgeries done worldwide, gastric banding is the most prevalent bariatric surgery being practiced. Gastric banding surgeryis a general term to describe when an implant is used to restrict the upper portion of the stomach. The implant themselves are often more recognizable than the term gastric banding.

The implants include Lap-Band system and the Realize system, both of them are FDA approved. But since United States requires FDA approval, and Mexico doesn’t – Mexico was practicing Lap-Band surgery for years before American surgeons. Thus, some bariatric surgeons in Mexico have more experience with gastric banding than North American physicians.

Why have Gastric Banding Surgery in Mexico?

There are a lot of advantages to having gastric banding procedure done in Mexico. First was highlighted early, that some physicians may actually have more experience with Lap-Band or Realize surgeries than American bariatric surgeons. Another major draw for Mexico Medical Tourism is the cost. Having bariatric surgery done in Mexico will save you thousands of dollars.

For instance, Gastric Banding can cost up to $30,000 in the United States, a pretty hefty bill especially if you don’t have insurance. But having the surgery done in Mexico will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. Our cost for Lap-Band surgery is presently less than $6,000. Procedures in Mexico typically cost a third of what they would cost in the United States.

Why is Mexico so Inexpensive?

Why are prices in Tijuana, Mexicali, Guadalajara and Monterrey so inexpensive? This can be answered in two parts: cost of living and generally health-care costs.

The cost of living in Mexico is significantly less than in North America which puts a downward pressure on prices. Because physicians, nurses and other staff earn less than their American counterparts – it follows, that they can charge less than their American counterparts too.

Another pressure is the cost of health-care between the United States and Mexico. For example, one study found that in 2006 United States spends $6,657 per capita while Mexico spends $474 per capita. One of reasons for the big difference between American’s spending and the rest of world’s is that America tends to spend almost twice on physicians than do other countries.

Should I have Gastric Banding Surgery in Mexico? Is it Safe?

By now, you already know that gastric banding surgery is a straightforward procedure. The procedure itself is being performed thousands of times a year, and some physicians in Mexico have performed Lap-Band in Mexico several thousand times.

Mexico Medical Tourism

Mexico is a prominent medical tourism spot, especially for bariatric surgery. Every year thousands of people travel to Mexico to perform a lap band, gastric bypass, and other surgeries. Lap Band Surgery is especially popular in Mexico, as Mexico has been practicing Lap-Band surgery years before their American counterparts.

Lap-Band surgery was FDA approved after bariatric surgeons in Mexico were performing the surgery, which suggests that some bariatric surgeons have more experience with Lap-Band surgery than American counterparts.

Some bariatric surgeons in Mexico have thousands of bariatric surgeries under their belt, performing hundreds of surgeries a year. This kind of experience isn’t common, but that’s why choosing a the right surgeon is important.

Choosing Lap Band Surgeon in Mexico

Cost should not be the only factor in traveling to Mexico for lap band surgery. Finding the right bariatric surgeon is recommend before you find the appropriate package. To find a qualified and respected bariatric surgeon, start by browsing surgeon reviews, and ratings from previous patients.

First start to verifying his credentials, skills, experience and reputation. Understand that not all bariatric surgeons have the same qualifications, and knowing what their reputation is vital.

Next, consider the hospital in Mexico. There are many hospitals in Mexico, and not all of them are American-accredited. Choose a hospital that has the proper medical technology, accreditation, and qualified staff to make things happen.

Cost of Lap Band Surgery in Mexico

Having lap band surgery in Mexico can cost up to 70% off according to one study.

Having Lap Band Surgery in Mexico is less costly than American prices, costs can range from $4,000 to $10,000 on average. Having in gastric banding surgery in Mexico doesn’t mean sub-par patient quality. Monterrey, Mexico offers four great American-Accredited hospitals.

Other cities offering Lap-Band Surgery in Mexico include Cancun, Tijuana, Monterrey, Mexicali, and others. Yet, Cancun is quickly becoming a leader in Medical Tourism.

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