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Gastric Sleeve in Las Vegas

This restrictive type of surgical procedure will permanently reduce the size of a patient’s stomach, which limits their food intakes and their level of hunger. Gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas does not involve any type of intestinal rerouting or malabsorption unless the procedure is followed by the gastric bypass one. Gastric sleeve surgery uses one of the patient’s own tissues.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve

This bariatric surgery performed laparoscopically and is often done outpatient surgery, so patients can be on their way home and in their most comfortable atmosphere quickly.

There are no implants or maintenance issues associated with this procedure. Patients can expect the same type of weight loss results as of those that endure gastric bypass surgery. The hunger hormone, ghrelin is typically eliminated through the gastric sleeve surgery, which further extends the success of one’s weight loss throughout their lifetime.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas has been proven to improve a patient’s high blood pressure, sleep apnea and Type II Diabetes and The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery endorse it.

About the Surgery

During Gastric Sleeve surgery in Las Vegas, a part of the patient’s stomach is removed and a new sleeve or tube shape is created in order to restrict the amount of food that they can eat at one time. This surgery is irreversible and only works if the patients change their eating habits and commit to a lifetime lifestyle change. The surgery involves a few small ¼ to ½ inch incisions on the stomach and typically takes an hour to perform. Surgeons use a tiny camera and a light to see inside the stomach. The surgeon then removes about three-quarters of the patient’s stomach and creates a new sleeve shape one which will span from the esophagus down into the small intestine.

This new shape not only helps limit hunger but also aids in digestion as many morbidly obese individuals have acid reflux or GERD issues.

Most patients will stay in the hospital for only two to three days. According to Obesity Coverage, the average cost of gastric sleeve ranges from $9,500 to $22,000. The cost will be directly related to the body mass index (BMI) of the patient. A higher BMI means an increased risk of complications and a longer surgery time.

Expected Results

According to the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center, patients can expect to lose 50 to 80 percent of their excess body weight within a year of gastric sleeve surgery.

Overall, the surgery makes a patient feel fuller, which limits how much they eat and helps them to lose weight.

Risks of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Some risks or complications associated with gastric sleeve surgery include infection, bleeding, blood clots and leakages. A patient’s surgeon will review all possible complications with a patient prior to surgery.

Ultimately, it’s important to understand everything about gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas before choosing it. Choosing weight loss surgery means that a patient is committed to a lifetime lifestyle change of eating healthy and living an active life.

Travelling for Weight Loss Surgery

Consider all costs associated with traveling for weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve. Determine the cost of airfare, hotel stays and other associated costs when determining if gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas is for you. Las Vegas’ extensive team of professional weight loss surgeons makes it a popular spot for that seeking gastric sleeve surgery away from home.

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