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Dr. S.P.Ranga Rao, MD – Ayurvedic Medicine



H.NO: 16-2-834/C, SBH COLONY



H.NO: 16-2-834/C, SBH COLONY

Experienced ayurvedic doctor practising since 1980. Who selected ayurveda as pet subject because ayurveda is the treasure of health since the inseption of creation. It is more described that ayurveda is just like breast milk formed before the birth of neonate.ayurveda is harmoneous to nature and Ayurveda is Natural Treasure. As I am comitted to ayurveda, I selected rasa shastra and bhaishajya kalpana as my post graduate specality subject which deals with pharmaceutical sciences. As in olden days, the pharmacy was linked with practising physicians and associated with quality measures during processing the medicines.

But now pharmacy is separated from phisician. Hence quality control and quality measures [GMP] are required at pharmacy level to promote genuiness and purity in the finished product. Hence my goal is to upgrade ayurvedic industry and stream line it with contemporary quality assurance measures. For which to happen it need to be built arround following core strengths, which I have practiced and mastered in the course of time. Which I want to share with one and all for benefit of mankind:

  • Hence one of my major thesis of subject was “nps test and its application to sudha vargiya bhasmas”, where we were partly successful
  • The core field of interest is research and development, where I have introduced certain formulations to the ailing people. But these formulations quality is based on profit margin. and hence it may not cater to the needs of a common man whose health has to be protected first.
  • Further, I was associated with various pharmacies in the capacities of r & d manager, free lance consultant and have contributed my articles on Pharmaceautical field. as Ayurveda is a shastra [eternal truth] whose principles can be fortified by series of reasearch on scientific lines. So my core focus now is to give rationality to Ayurveda and its principle on the basis of available scientific principles. Because my concern is Ayurveda should not be called as empherical shastra.

So looking to my objectives, we have started non government organization by name guards[Gohitho Universal Ayurveda research and development society] at Hyderabad.

Hence I had taken the electronic medium to convey the message of Ayurvedic principles to common man work experience:

Currently engaged as chief consultant of Gohitho Ayurvedic centre at Hyderabad since 1992 and also associated with pharmacy as pharmaceutical consultant

Deccan Ayurvedashram Pharmacy Limited Hyderabad:

I started my career as production assistant because the management do not know the importance of MD[Ayurvedic Pharmaceautical Sciences]in pharmacies. When I detailed the important reliveties of a product to the management, they felt that classes for medical representatives about the product is must to improve sales when I joined the sales were around 30 lakhas per annum and when I left in 1990 for my PHD program the sales turnover increased to 100 lakhs per annum I was also assigned to do r & d work and quality control to project management I introduced six new formulations which are in high demand.

Quality control measure: when I was assigned the quality control work, there were several complaints from market. Started quality circles from labors to top managers and made “no complaint years “from the market quality assurance was made lateral on the system and was implemented to the office management and had good results.

I feel the Ayurvedic Pharmaceautical man should be a Phisician who know about disease with better experience in manufacturing process will be best in quality assurance and product management.

  • Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Hyderabad – 4 formulations
  • Amrita drugs, Hyderabad- 3 formulations
  • Sri Dev Pharamaceuticals, Hyderabad -1 formulations
  • Vindhya Herbals Private Limited, Hyderabad – 8 formulations
  • Annapurna Bio-Ved Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Hyderabad – 2 formulations

Abroad Activities: Visited Brazil as visited and delivered lectures on Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics for course “Fito Therapia Ayurvedica” [16-08-1986 to 06-12-1986]

Academic Career:

  • M.D. [Ayur] Gujarath Ayurved University, Jamnagar, June’1983
  • B.A.M.S Osmania University, Hyderabad, June 1978

Professional Eligibility:

Internship: 18-09-1978 to 17-03-1979
Medical Registration: Directorate Of Indian Medicine, A.P[26-03-1979 101]

Thesis work for M.D. on Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences under the guidance of prof.H.S.Sharma [Gujarath Ayurveda Univesity,India]

– “Standardisation and test of Sudha Vargiya Bhasmas [by chromatographic method on Ayurvedic lines]”

– registered for PH.D at Gujarath Ayurvedic University,Jamnagar – not continued


i. Member, for family welfare, air Hyderabad for 2 years

ii. Life all India radio advisory committee: since 1-020-1989 committee member: Akhila Bharatiya Vanaushadhi Abhyas Mandal Ahemdabad,Gujarath

iii. Founder member:international foundation of Rasa, Chikitsa & Eshana, Aihore , Jamnagar ,Guj

iv. Chairman: Gohitho universal Ayurvedic research and development Socity, Hyderabad,a.p

training programs attended:

i. Akhila Bharatiya Vanoushadhi Abhyas Mandal, Ahemdabad, India. lead by Sri Bapalal G Vaidya at Mount Abu , Sept 1982

ii. Advanced training program in Rasa Shastra , Dravya Guna and Bhaishajya Kalpana , at academy of Ayurveda Vijayawada , A.P, INDIA.

iii. Moden Pharmacology at Govt Ayu college Hyderabad , A.P from 18-09-1978 to 17-03-1979

Academic Career – Publications:

i. Was regular columnist on Ayurveda – Family health monthly magazine from Kanaka Durga Communications, Hyd, 500482, A.P. INDIA.

ii. Ayurvedic Industry – Quality in finished product [in telugu published in Jagruthi – annual special of 1988 on pharmaceutical industry]

iii. Role of photochemistry in Maarana Samskara with referrence to Bhavana [in “Ayu “ research journal of Gujarath Ayu University, Jamnagar

iv. The rationality in Bhasmeekarana based on Indian concepts [published in “Ayu” from Guj Ayu Univrsity, Jamnagar]

v. vak-1 Telugu a pocket book for health.

participated in seminars / symposia / workshops on Ayurvedaa/ and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences:

i. Gujarath Ayurveda Research Development Centre Vadodara: National Workshop on Nadi vignan no 2

ii. International workshop on Nadi and Prakruthi Vignan Guj Ayu University , Jamnagar: distribution of Deha Prakruthi in diabetics [16,17 of Jan 1994]

iii. First National Workshop on Rasa Shastra: Banaras Hindu University , up.

iv. Harbal Acadamy, Bombay [Sept 1992]: The adultration problem and remedies in Ayu Industry

v. Workshop on literary research in Ayu Rasa Shastra at IIHM Hyd, sponsored by CCRAS Govt of India [23,24 Jan 1992]: Deputy Chair Person

vi. Workshop on medicinal plants – AP sponsored by ministry of health, Govt of India at SV Ayu college Tirupathi [9-11 of Feb 1990]: working group member

vii. ICTAM Conference [international] Bombay 4th to 7th Jan 1990: study of Panchabhouthic Theory with refference to Bhasma Prakriya

viii. 11th annual meet of faculty of scientist of Ayurveda Hyderabad 11th and 12th nov 1989: speaker

ix. AICAP seminar, Bangalore 13th &14th Oct 1989: NPS test and its applications to Sudha Vargiya Bhasmas

x. Workshop on Rasa Shastra “Sri Parvatha Sadhana” at Srisailam, A.P 15th &16th July 1989: Organizing secretary

xi. Golden Jublee seminar at JS Ayu Maha Vidyalay Nadiad, Guj 15th to 17th march 1989: Quality Control Considerations in Ayurvedic Pharmacy

xii. Iastam Seminar International Bombay 6th to 9th march 1983: co-author use of Indian corn silk [Zea maize on Prostatis]

All India Radio Talks:

i. 9-12-1990: Ayurveda Vaidyam lo Ahara Nimayalu[telugu]

ii. 18-02-1989: Parishkara vedika

iii. 15-10-1989: Arogyame Mahabhaghyam (Health is Wealth) – interview

iv. 8-10-1988: Parishkara Vedika

v. 27-01-1988: Patcha Kamerlaku Ayu Chikitsa (Jaundice treatment)

vi. 10-02-1987: Jeerna Kosha Vyadhulaku Gruha chikitsa(Home remedies for Gastro Intestine)

vii. 28-02-1987: Parishkara Vedika

viii. 07-10-1985: Values of Asily available ingredients and their medicinal values

Doordarshan(TV Interviews) – Aarogya Rekha interview

Consultant Physician – At various health camps, including central Govt sponsored “Ayush” camp

Here by I declare that the above given information is true to the best of my knowledge.
Monday, February 14, 2011
Dr. S.P. RangaRao

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