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Dr. Roberto RumbautDr. Roberto Rumbaut is a Monterrey, Mexico Bariatric Surgeon that has been performing weight loss surgeries since 1994. He was one of the first surgeons to practice Lap-Band system in Mexico but also performs gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and REALIZE band.

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut Reviews:

Great Doctor, Great Hospital, Great Nurses… my incision sites are loads smaller than some of my associates who had their surgery done in the states. I have had no complications at all. I began my pre-op diet at 255 and was a size 24/26 and now I currently weigh 128 and am a size 4. I lost over 100 lbs in the first year alone. – Reviewer from ObesityHelp

Dr. Rumbaut’s office is very simple yet clean and the staff appeared to be very effecient. They emphasize aftercare and I believe they have doctors all over that they deal with. I am lucky to live close enough to travel back to Monterrey for my follow ups. The pre-op testing was thorough and plenty of opportunity was given for questions. I understood the risks just from research, but everything was covered anyway. I would rate Dr. Rumbaut an absolute 10. Extra points for sense of humor. In my opinion, his surgical competence, bedside manner and overall care measured up to everything I had read about him. – Reviewer from ObesityHelp

I would recomment Dr. Rumbaut to anyone and know that I would not have to worry about what would happen to them. His staff also are very polite and well informed and so willing to help. I can not say enough about the whole experience. You could never get that kind of treatment in the States, if I could I might (might) not mind the prices here. – Reviewer from ObesityHelp

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut:

  • Graduated with Honors from the School of Medicine Ignacio A. Santos, ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico in 1988
  • 1988-1993 General Surgery Residency at the Hospital San José. ITESM Monterrey, Mexico.
  • 1993 Chief Resident in the HSJ-ITESM
  • 1993 Chief Resident in the HSJ-ITESM
  • 1993 Board Certification General Surgery
  • June 1994 ventures into laparoscopic bariatric surgery

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut Surgical Experience:

Dr. Rumbaut’s website claims he has taught hundreds of surgeons how to perform the surgery: Lap-Band system. His site also claims he has also taught various other obesity surgeries.

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut Memberships:

  • President of the Mexican Society of Obesity Surgery 2003-2004
  • International Federation of Surgery for Obesity
  • American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery since 1994

Dr. Roberto Rumbaut Website:

2 thoughts on “Dr. Roberto Rumbaut, MD – Bariatric Surgeon Reviews

  1. As a former patient, I am in need of a Lap-Band to Sleeve Revision, as my lap- band is no longer effective. It is getting serious and I am beginning to worry about my health. Please help.

  2. I flew down to Monterey in 2003 and received a lapband from Dr. Rumbaut. I think I now need it removed. It has shifted position. I need advice. I live in Alaska so am not close.

    I would like to talk to Dr. Rumbaut.

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