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Revisional Bariatric Surgery for Failed Restrictive Procedures

Medical Tourism Resource Center will impact your life with revisional bariatric surgery for failed restrictive procedures!

A typical case for single-incision revision surgery will be a patient who has had Gastric Band (Lap-Band) removed from a previous operation. This person would, tentatively, be a candidate for single-incision gastric sleeve surgery. Learn more about your candidacy for single incision bariatric surgery by contacting our team today.

Note: Not all patients will be candidates for single-incision bariatric surgery. Typically, revision surgery doesn’t not allow for single incision due to the nature of scar tissue and reversing a failed surgery.

Lap Band Revision Surgery in Mexico

The most common bariatric procedure to be revised, gastric banding is increasingly being criticized by bariatric surgeons for a number of issues. One of the issues that has so many surgeons on the fence include:

  • Gastric Band Slippage
  • Gastric Banding Erosion
  • Pouch Enlargement
  • Poor Weight Loss
  • Complications: Vomiting, Nausea

Mexico Bariatric Center can easily use gastric revision surgery including:

  • Re-Adjust Lap-Band Placement
  • Lap-Band to Gastric Sleeve
  • Lap-Band to Gastric Bypass

Gastric Sleeve Revision Surgery in Mexico

Gastric sleeve procedure can be revised to various weight loss surgeries. Best options to revise a vertical sleeve gastrectomy:

  • Gastric Sleeve to Duodenal Switch
  • Re-Gastric Sleeve

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy can fail for several reason including pouch enlargement, and failure to achieve to desirable weight.

Gastric Bypass Revision Surgery in Mexico

Gastric bypass, or roux-en-y gastric bypass, can often fail to produce adequate results. Various failures include pouch enlargement, leakage, staple line disruption, dumping syndromes, vomiting, nausea and other issues.
Gastric bypass can be converted to numerous weight loss surgeries and alterations. The first major gastric revision surgery is duodenal switch, which permanently removes the stomach and keeps the malabsorption technique. Other options to convert gastric bypass include:

  • Place a Lap-Band around the stomach
  • Lengthen the Roux Limb
  • Reduce the size of the pouch
  • Shrink the stoma by injecting a sclerosant (“sclerotherapy”)

5 thoughts on “Revisional Bariatric Surgery for Failed Restrictive Procedures

  1. I had the gastric sleeve and need it redone. I’ve gained about 70 lbs . Want to have it done this summer.

  2. I have also regained weight after having gastric sleeve procedure done. I want to return to Mexico for revision surgery.

  3. I had gastric sleeve with Dr Louisiana Valenzuela August 2013, and went from 306 to 159 pounds. I’m 5’4. I have had 2 babies since and have gained back up to 276 pounds slowly over 7&1/2 years. I am looking to get either duodenal switch or gastric sleeve revision so I can achieve a BMI that will help me qualify for plastic surgery in the future.

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