Medical Tourism in 2013, Facts and Statistics

Currently Medical Tourism is exploding Worldwide, with a lot of countries now offering inexpensive healthcare. Currently the state of Medical Tourism is healthy, and poised to grow 30% annually.

Medical Tourism for Americans are Growing

50 Million Americans are Uninsured or are Underinsured. Moreover the sheer companies helping patients find qualified healthcare is expanding. In 2012, it is predicted that 1.6 million Americans will undergo Medical Tourism.

Sample Cost: The cost of a heart valve cost about $15,000 in India verse the $150,000 in the United States.

Top Destinations:

  • India - Home to Worldclass orthopedic and cardiac surgeons. India medical tourism produces $2.3 Billion annually.
  • Mexico - Mexico is famous for inexpensive weight loss surgeries and cosmetic surgeries.
  • Singapore - Their healthcare system is ranked very highly, and offers cancer and stem cell treatments.
  • Barbados - Well-known fertility clinic is home in the West Indies island.
  • Thailand - Thailand attracts 30,000 Americans each year for a whole host of procedures and surgeries. Thailand has many Joint Commission International accredited operators.
  • Brazil - Home to top cosmetic surgeons in the World.
  • Israel - Israel is known for IVF specialists, as well as other procedures.
  • South Korea - Home to cosmetic surgeons, cancer and spinal treatments. South Korea has many Joint Commission International accredited facilities.
  • Turkey - Many European, American trained doctors providing cardiac, cancer, orthopedic and laser eye surgeries.
  • Other Countries Include Costa Rica, Antigua, Hungary.

Benefits of Medical Tourism:

  • Cost - The primary driver of medical tourism, patients can save hundreds of thousands of dollars seeking healthcare abroad.
  • Anonymity - Some individuals like the fact that they can go on "vacation," and not answer questions about elective or required surgeries.
  • Value Added Vacation - Patients can enjoy tourism part of medical tourism.
  • Benefits of Limited to No Wait Times - Many patients in countries with national healthcare face long wait times for important surgeries. By undergoing medical tourism, patients can bypass long wait times.