San Jose Costa Rica

Teatro Nacional
Teatro Nacional

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and is located in Central Valley region. The Talamanca Mountains is to the south and volcanoes to the north of the city. San Jose is one of the least violent cities and sixth most important city in Latin America.

Parque Nacional
Downtown Central Park

San Jose's architecture is distinguished by its Spanish colonial; the National Theater, the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.

- Ornate neoclassical National Theater of Costa Rica (Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica), at downtown’s Plaza de la Cultura.

- Catedral Metropolitana is on Calle Central and Avenues 2 & 4 San José, Costa Rica. The cathedral was originally built in 1802 and was destroyed by earthquake and rebuilt.

- The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum has displays of hundreds of gleaming artifacts.

Catedral Metropolitana
Catedral Metropolitana

- National Park (Parque Nacional) is a Small park in the middle of the city with a large historic statue in the middle.

San Jose is divided into neighborhoods called "barrios,"

  • Downtown San Jose known as “el centro” or “Chepe”
  • Barrio Amon & Aranjuez, located north of downtown
  • San Pedro, Los Yoses & Barrio Escalante - San Jose’s eastern suburbs
  • La Sabana located at the western end of Paseo Colon
  • Rohrmoser is few minutes west of La Sabana
  • Escazu referred to as “Little America”
  • Santa Ana is located west of San Jose and Escazu. Santa Ana is known for its verdant mountains, constant breezes and upscale living.
Escazu Hotel Restaurants
Avenida Escazu Hotel & Restaurants

Escasu is an exclusive and prominent neighborhood with top shops, hotels, restaurants and a shopping mall (Multiplaza Escasu). Escazu is attracting a lot of foreign companies like Abbott.

La Sabana Neighborhood
La Sabana Neighborhood

La Sabana is another high-end neighborhood in San Jose, Costa Rica. The soccer stadium (Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica) in located in La Sabana. This area is growing fast and top-brand hotels like Hilton has made new hotels in La Sabana.

Costa Rica is interested in foreign direct investments with focus on Costa Rican exports and tourism. Foreign investors finds security in
Costa Rica due to its political stability and a pool of human talent. Medial devices, electronics, and service sectors companies are finding Costa Rica a viable option in Latin America.

San Jose Wellness Tourism

San Jose, Costa Rica is one of the most attractive locations for medical tourists. It has skilled physicians and private internationally accredited hospitals, like CIMA and Biblica hospitals. CIMA hospital complex has several towers and offers most advanced medical services as well as a helicopter pad.

Patients from around the world come to San Jose seeking dental, plastics, bariatrics and orthopedics.

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