Guide to Medical Tourism


Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic and plastic surgery are primarily elective procedures, and are not covered by insurance. Therefore, it's easy to see why so many people are traveling to lower their costs.

Dental Care and Surgeries
Dental care is another major driver of medical tourism, especially in neighboring countries. Regular dental check ups, dental surgeries and more.

Medical Spas
People looking to relax and rejuvenate but undergo regular checkups should look into medical spas. If you want to relax and undergo necessary medical treatments, read more.

Weight Loss Surgery
Weight loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, is one of the leading procedures to undergo medical tourism. Today, weight loss surgery is becoming more effective at losing weight, while risks and complications are declining. Read More.

Stem Cell Therapy
Stem cell therapies are advancing daily, with new and promising treatments for dozens of diseases including diabetes, COPD, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and more. We now offer Stem Cell Therapies in Mexico.

Anti Aging Treatment
Anti aging celluar therapy in Mexico includes Hormone Restoration, Pure Recovery and Revitalizing Treatment.

Cardio/Cardiovascular Treatments
Heart surgeries, including cardio bypass surgery, can cost over a hundred thousand, but patients can save tens of thousands by undergoing the surgery in Mexico and India.

Orthopedic Surgeries
Orthopedic surgeries including knee replacements, hip resurfacing, shoulder, and others can be done in another country that helps saves money. Learn about orthopedic treatments.
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Gastric Banding Surgery No Longer For the Obese

The weight loss surgical procedure has been used for countless years to control diabetes in the severely diabetes. However a new study shows that overweight diabetics may benefit from the procedure too. The operation provides countless health benefits to both overweight and obese patients.

Lap-Band Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Banding Surgery is the largest type of bariatric surgeries performed today. With over 500,000 surgeries done worldwide, gastric banding is the most prevalent bariatric surgery being practiced. Gastric banding surgeryis a general term to describe when an implant is used to restrict the upper portion of the stomach. The implant themselves are often more recognizable than the term gastric banding.


Gastric Sleeve in Las Vegas

This restrictive type of surgical procedure will permanently reduce the size of a patient’s stomach, which limits their food intakes and their level of hunger. Gastric sleeve surgery in Las Vegas does not involve any type of intestinal rerouting or malabsorption unless the procedure is followed by the gastric bypass one. Gastric sleeve surgery uses one the patient’s own tissues.

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve

Body Contouring Surgery After Excess Weight Loss Stayed Slimmer in the Long Term

A recent study reports that gastric bypass surgery patients who have body contouring surgery to remove excess skin after weight loss have a better chance of long-term weight control. This study was published in the October issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The study was conducted by the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

What is Body Contouring Surgery?

Breast Lift Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery

If you have recently had weight loss surgery done, you may want a little toning and tightening. Getting weight loss surgery often causes you to lose a large amount of weight quickly, which can affect the elasticity of your skin. But luckily, there are contouring surgeries available once you recover from the surgery such as a breast lift surgery. This helps you get the body you want after you have lost the weight and recovered completely.

Weight Loss Surgery

Body Contouring Procedure After Weight Loss Surgery

There are sometimes situations where the only weight loss solution is surgery. While doctors recommend that other methods should be tried, it is still sometimes better to undergo surgery. Weight loss surgery, however, can have a significant effect on the body’s shape and the tautness of the skin. As a result, many people will take a look at body contouring and see if it can help to give them the look that they have always dreamed of.

Medical Tourism: What to Know

Ever wondered what British super model Naomi Campbell, Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci, German TV and film actress Ingeborg Schoener, Pop star Madonna, Hollywood actress Demi Moore and Cherie Blair, wife of Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, have in common? Medical vacation!

Before you wonder why they would do such a thing, here is the reason why: It is a more effective choice of treatment for some. For others it’s the cost whereas for others its quality. It also provides for personal choice of place and preferences.

Medical Tourism in 2013, Facts and Statistics

Currently Medical Tourism is exploding Worldwide, with a lot of countries now offering inexpensive healthcare. Currently the state of Medical Tourism is healthy, and poised to grow 30% annually.

Medical Tourism for Americans are Growing

50 Million Americans are Uninsured or are Underinsured. Moreover the sheer companies helping patients find qualified healthcare is expanding. In 2012, it is predicted that 1.6 million Americans will undergo Medical Tourism.

Mexico Medical Tourism: Things to Know

Medical tourism in Mexico, as well as in general, has exploded with popularity in recent years with more and more Americans discovering how much cheaper it is to have weight loss surgeries and other medical related procedures done in foreign countries. Of the top ten most known and considered “best” destinations for medical tourism are India and Mexico, both of which offer their own esteemed doctors and top-of-the-notch facilities.

Lap-Band Surgery Failures

Laparoscopic gastric banding or Lap-band is one of the popular Bariatric surgery procedures performed with minimal invasive surgery. It involves placing an adjustable silicon band around the upper part of the stomach that is connected to a port on abdominal wall. This band can be inflated or deflated according to the requirement of the body. The band reduces the size of the stomach and patient feels satiety on small meals. As patient consumes fewer calories, weight loss occurs following this procedure.